OPTIONAL: If you elect to use a family seal on your cover letter, then you will need an embosser, custom made for the family seal that you design. If you use a family seal, it needs to registered at your County recorder’s office. https://www.staples.com/services/printing/custom-stamps/embossers/

You also will need gold leaf or similar material to impress with the embosser. https://www.amazon.com/Bememo-Imitation-Gilding-Crafting-Decoration/dp/B0722X91YR

IMPORTANT NOTE: Having designed and purchased these materials myself, I must warn you to submit the family seal drawing AT A 90 DEGREE ANGLE TO THE LEFT, so that when you hold the handle left of the paper (for the cover letter) or left of the envelope (if you put a seal there as well) the stamp will orient vertically. See diagram below.