#10 DETAILS: Dollar Amounts

Commandment #10: “Count thy chickens.”

The current iteration of the process calls for including every number that appears to be a dollar amount on the forms submitted.

dollar amount is defined as:

1. A number with a decimal followed by two digits.  For example:  1.23

2. It may or may not include a comma.  For example:  1234.56 and 1,234.56 are the same.

3. It may or may not include a $.

4. It is negative if it is preceded by a – sign or surrounded by parentheses.  For example: -1.23 or (1.23)

5.  It is not a dollar amount if it is followed by a % sign.  For example, 1.23% is not a dollar amount.

6. Other text is ignored.  For example: Rate: 1.23 is still considered a $ amount.  However Rate: 1.23% is not.